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Dave, Big Brother PA   WE QUIT!  30 BB CAPS UP FOR GRABS
    Sorry folks, but we strongly feel that this year's Big Brother is a real stinker.   Not only is CBS scamming money from you on the (highly edited) live internet feeds, but they've cast a bunch of avaricious malcontents with obvious personality disorders that are no pleasure to observe.
    We'd rather paint our tongues than continue covering this pile of primetime detritus. Therefore, we'll be giving away our last 30 Big Brother baseball caps this Saturday night.  Britanny and Jamie - houseguests from the last Big Brother - will be drawing the winners.  Thanks ladies!
    We'll still keep our message board open for those who still want to discuss the show, and we encourage you to check out our other site, Survivor Insider.  Bye folks!

    Another Big Brother season has brought more scandal to Primetime TV. News and internet reports about many of the houseguests are surfacing:
    Nicole was arrested in 1994 for gluing an ex-boyfriend's penis to his leg with superglue while he slept.
    Hardy used to work for a candy bar company but was fired when he was found in a storage room, slathering his genitals with melted chocolate.
    Monica abandoned her handicapped husband and 2 children 12 years ago and owes $29,000 in child support, which she refuses to pay.

Eddie, winner of Big Brother 1 07/17    EDDIE, 1ST BB WINNER DRAWS FOR CAPS
    Thanks to Eddie, the winner of the first Big Brother show, for drawing our first six winners of Big Brother Caps:  Justin Argyle, Mark Huntington, Sergio Jackson, Luke Preston, Abdu Simpson, and Lilia Verona. In two weeks, we'll be drawing for 10 more BB caps. You're already entered if you've sent us an e-mail already. If not, send us your name, city and e-mail address to BBInsiderCapGiveaway.

Justin holds knife to Krista's throat 07/12    JUSTIN KICKED OUT OF BB HOUSE
    Big Brother Internet viewers were shocked yesterday morning as they watched houseguest Justin get drunk, urinate several times in the backyard, throw wine bottles over the compound fence and finally hold a knife to Krista's neck while uttering "I'm gonna slash your throat." After meeting with horrified producers and a psychologist, it was decided that Justin should be given the bum's rush.
    "It's in the [houseguest] contract and it's common sense," said our CBS inside source. "Basically, if you threaten the safety of the other houseguests, we can't have you in the contest. However, Justin was still paid $4,500 for his appearance and cooperation."
    Producers have still not decided how to spin and edit the story for the TV episode, which will air this thursday.
    LINKS:    Justin gets kicked out!    Violence Spurs "Big Brother" Ejection    Justin evicted from "Big Brother"

36 Big Brother caps up for grabs! 07/11    BIG BROTHER CAP GIVEAWAY THIS WEEK
    Yes finally, it's the long-awaited Big Brother Baseball cap giveaway! Winners of our first 6 caps will be published this coming Saturday. Get in last-minute by sending us your name, city and e-mail address: BBInsiderCapGiveaway

Click to zoom in 07/11    HALF OUR STAFF IN AFRICA
    We are proud to announce that 2 of our staff members are currently on location in the Shaba Reserve in Kenya, Africa as part of the Survivor 3 film crew.
    We will have periodic reports from our crew at our alternate website, Survivor Insider. We apologize to Big Brother fans for lack of new material here but we'll do our best to keep things going in light of our staff shortage.

    Last season's most loyal Big Brother fans are outraged that CBS is demanding cash this year for the privilege of viewing the TV show online.
    More than 20 Big Brother shows have been produced in various countries and online viewing has always been free. It's considered part of the core Big Brother concept and undeniably adds to the TV audience viewership.
    CBS is the first network to charge for internet viewing of the TV houseguests and many internet users are very unhappy about this.
    "I pay $130/month for cable and internet already, " said one member of the TV Clubhouse, "there's no way I'm paying more."
    Even users who pay for the live video feel ripped off by CBS. Although the feeds are advertised as "24/7", CBS cuts off the feeds for prolonged periods each day. In addition, paying viewers are flogged with distracting animated ad banners surrounding their viewing screen.
    If you've paid for the service but want a full refund, (or you just want to complain!) we encourage you to call either of these numbers: 1-888-768-3248 or 1-800-632-8920
    more information: Jam!Showbiz       sign a petition: Petition to CBS

    Dave G. is one of several dozen production assistants in CBS Studio City, LA, filtering through initial Big Brother applications. We spoke to Dave about his job and asked him what type of people are getting Big Brother callbacks.
   "Our first review process eliminates almost two-thirds of all applicants," says Dave. "Basically, we open up the package and scan the application looking for interesting, intelligent responses - including the use of good grammar. Above all, we're looking for intelligent, stable people."
   If a written application passes the first cut, a group of Big Brother PA's will watch the applicant's tape together.
   "If your tape is unique, and/or you make us gasp, giggle or say "Wow", you're in the next pile" Dave tells us, "And that's when we start spending some real money. We eliminate 75% of these applicants based on a minor background check and psychological profile. The rest get telephone interviews and most get callbacks to their [interview hub] city."
   So who's been called back so far? According to Dave, Big Brother producers are looking to cast "A few older people and a varied bunch of fit & sexy young people." If you fall within this category, you just might get a callback from CBS Big Brother 2 producers, if you haven't already yet.

WE'RE UNDER CONSTRUCTION... Please check out Insider Discussion, last year's YOU MAKE THE QUOTE & BIG BROTHER AUDIO (directly to your left) - please sign our guestbook!

Big Brother Cap 05/11    BIG BROTHER TO CAP OFF IN JULY
    The deadline to apply for Big Brother expired at 5pm today, leaving producers with more than 3,000 applications and videos to sift through and finally choose 12 lucky houseguests.
     "It's a 3 step process to become a contestant," says our Studio City insider, "If you make the first cut, you'll be called for an interview in the nearest interview city. From those people, 36 finalists are flown to Los Angeles for another interview and extensive background checks takes place. If you're chosen and you pass the background checks - they even send out a private detective to speak to your neighbors - then you've made it onto the show. During the whole process, you're not allowed to tell anyone what's going on."   (EDITOR'S NOTE: IF YOU DO HEAR BACK, E-MAIL US IN
     This season, the 12 houseguests - 6 men and 6 women - will vote each other off until three of them are left, when the audience determines the $500,000 winner by telephone vote.
     Although fans are eagerly anticipating this year's Big Brother, final schedule details haven't been worked out by producers yet. However, it's rumored they are aiming for the first week of July.

     We have several Big Brother 2 baseball caps to give away, how shall we do it? We'll reward the first BB cap to the person who sends us the most creative idea for how we should give away the rest. E-mail your idea to:

Big Brother 2 Casting Call:
CBS Writer: "
Diabolical Mind Games Planned"

     With another successful season of Survivor wrapped up, CBS hopes to capture the Reality TV spotlight again this summer with Big Brother 2.
     "Basically, the plan is to start with last year's format and super-boost everything," said the CBS writer we spoke with. "That's the TV angle. On the internet side of things, we're really working to increase the cult-like, 'grass-roots' audience we saw online last year."
     With this in mind, houseguest hopefuls will be able to apply in person during audition times (yet to be announced) at CBS Studio City, where last year's Big Brother was filmed.
     So, what's in store for this year's batch of fresh houseguests? "Remember how we played on their emotions last time?" says our source, "We were just getting started. We've got some diabolical mind games planned for them this time. It's going to fun for everyone."

So, when does it start? How many houseguests are there this time? Stay tuned! If you enjoyed our Survivor Insider site you'll enjoy this one too. We're the same team, with the same Studio City insider contacts; it's going to be fun for everyone alright!

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